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Snapshot strategies with non-VSS-aware software

Question asked by jpm121 on Oct 10, 2013
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We're considering Nimble storage as part of our budget process, and I'm doing my due diligence getting up to speed. I'd like to validate my understanding of things and get clarification on an item --


One of our major systems runs on a database (called Progress) that is, to the best of my knowledge, not tied in with VSS the way Exchange or MS SQL are. We've always had to jump through hoops with our non-snapshot backup methods to prevent data corruption or issues with data not being backed up. Since's Nimble's snapshot-based data protection capability would be a cornerstone of our investment decision, I'm trying to determine if that selling point even applies to our circumstance.


My question is, simply, how would I approach a new Nimble setup for a database server like this? It's nearly all small transactions and not terribly high performance, but there is a steady stream of reads and writes throughout the day. Currently the database just sits on a VMDK file on its own chunk of SAN disk space.  If we're not going to be able to leverage Nimble's snapshots for this server then we'll need to evaluate things just based on the performance increase and other benefits.


If I'm completely off on the wrong direction here, I'd appreciate some guidance. Our reseller has been helpful but my knowledge isn't really up to speed to where I feel like I'm asking intelligent questions, and this is something I need i wrap my brain around.