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Exchange 2010 SnapShots

Question asked by Bryan Rogers on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by John Wagner

Per Nimble's Exchange 2010 best practice I am presenting database and log storage to my exchange server via the guest iSCSI software initiator. I will put the database and log volumes in a collection and snapshot using Microsoft VSS synchronization. The Windows operating system disk will be presented through vmware on a vmfs5 volume.


My question is should I snapshot the db, logs and os disks at the same time? If I need to recover to a point in time shouldn't the os disks be from the same time the db and logs were snapshot or does it not matter? I can't put these in the same collection because of the synchronization conflict (Microsoft VSS vs. Vmware vCenter). I was thinking of lagging the OS snapshot 5 minutes behind the db/logs snapshot.


Also - do I need to use any synchronization when snap shotting a Windows OS vmdk that has Exchange installed bearing in mind that the logs and databases are in a different collections and use synchronization.