Nick Dyer

Windows Toolkit 2.0 & VMware Connection Manager - DO NOT Update If On 1.4.x

Discussion created by Nick Dyer Employee on Sep 22, 2013

Hello all,


Please note: you may have spotted that software relating to the upcoming Nimble OS 2.0 ( to be precise) has made it's way onto the Infosight Downloads page consisting of the new Nimble Windows Toolkit & Nimble Connection Manager for VMware.


You should NOT upgrade your environment to these new software versions if you are NOT running on your Nimble array as they are not interoperable with one another.


If you are interested in upgrading your Nimble array firmware to 2.0 please speak to your local SE and/or Nimble Support who will be happy to advise further. Nimble 2.0 is fully production ready from a Quality Assurance testing process and has passed a stringent customer beta program.