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Volume Usage Discrepancies

Question asked by Scott Edwards on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Eddie Tang

I have a Nimble CS220 running software I have vCenter Server Essentials Plus with 3 hosts connected via iSCSI to the Nimble array. I am seeing some discrepancies on volume usage being reported between vSphere client and the Nimble web management interface.


Information in vSphere client

Capacity = 200GB

Provisioned Space = 159GB

Free Space = 40GB


This is correct I have 3 guests on the volume each is 50GB Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed with a 2GB vswp file


Nimble web management reports


Size = 200GB

Used = 42GB

Snapshot = 2GB

Total used = 44GB


This is a huge difference and is making capacity planning difficult. Have any other users seen this in their infrastructure? If so why is the reporting so off between the 2. I have other volumes that are similar in the reporting. Thanks