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Why would a customer not look at Nimble?

Question asked by Viv Anand on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by Jacob Wolf

Here is my take on some of the key differentiators for Nimble Storage – this is from last year but still relevant. What are next steps at Five9, Lithium etc.?


  1. First storage platform to be designed from the ground up to take advantage of new technology such as multicore processors & solid state drives; most others are based on older technology like single core processors and use SSD as the highest tier of storage – hence they put RAID on SSDs etc. which reduces the life of SSDs.
  2. Impeccable heritage – tech execs are formerly from NetApp & DataDomain; primary storage and back-up/DR features built into the same platform.
  3. Unparalled performance for the cost - use of software and SSDs as flash to deliver 15,000 (200 series) - 45,000(400 series) IOPS in a single 3U box with just 12x 7200 rpm SATA drives. Legacy vendors require an entire rack of SAS (~300 drives) or SATA (~500 drives) spindles to deliver the same performance; Nimble dissociates performance (IOPS) from number of spindles. Each 3U box consumes just 500W so we get savings on rackspace, power and cooling. Great platform for VDI.
  4. ALL software (for replication, data protection etc. – SnapMirror, SnapVault, FlexClone equivalents)  is included at no additional cost as is full redundancy (dual controllers, power supplies etc.).
  5. Only platform that can scale in 3 directions: Up for performance (200 series controller to 400 series controller), Out for capacity and performance(cluster up to 4 boxes together) and Deep for capacity (add 3 shelves of up to 45 TB each per 3U array) à maxing out at 180,00 IOPS & ~900TB.
  6. Most efficient snapshots in the industry – each box can hold up to 10,000 snapshots locally. DR is easily achieved with a second 3U box.
  7. All human tech support is Tier 3 only; tier 1 and tier 2 are taken care of by 4th Gen Auto-support (NetApp was 1st gen – this is written by the same person) that sends a heartbeat every 5 minutes which sends back info on 600 parameters.
  8. Numerous awards and customers love them – see below: