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    Windows Volume Block Size vs. Nimble Performance Policy

    C W Wayfarer

      Hi Group,


      How does the block size of a Windows volume (64kb for example) correlate with the application block sizes in Nimble Performance Policies? For example, if I used 64KB block sizes for the volumes hosting SQL logs and databases, the performance policy in Nimble for SQL is 8KB. We are beginning to reconfigure all of our volumes at 64KB as we migrate forward and I want to ensure this will not impose performance penalties when using the Nimble performance policies.




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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hi Corey, welcome to NimbleConnect.


          The trick when setting a block size on the storage array is to ensure that you choose a block size which is smaller than or equal to the application block size required in the host. SQL Server uses a variation of block sizes for different functions (one of them being 64K as you mention), however the smallest block size it will use is 8K and thus this is what we use as the corresponding Performance Policy block size.


          I hope the above helps!