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SQL 2008 on VM Server 2008 setup for Data Disk/Log Disk/Temp Disk

Question asked by Sean Patterson on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by Jason Rolader

Currently have it like this:


VM Server 2008 running SQL 2008 (non R2, that's another discussion)


Nimble CS220



SQLDB01 - Data drive

SQLLOG01 - Log Drive

SQLTEMPDB01 - Temp Drive


Using MS iSCSI initiator, i am connected to all 3 volumes and assign drives as D: (Data) L: (Logs) T: (Temp DB).  All formatted as NTFS.


My question is should I drop this config and switch to VMFS drive, each in seperate Volumes on the CS220? What would be best practice. Reason for current setup was ease of migration from physical to VM and utilizing the Nimble unit for snapshots as a addition means of backup for each Volume. Anyone have input on this or a better way?