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Troubleshooting Random Read Issue

Discussion created by Xay Phongmany on Aug 8, 2013
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Hey Adam,


I'm performing SQLIO tests on a CS220, configured iops=0 an bytes=0, 4 x 1G interfaces on both Nimble and ESX, NO Jumbo Frames, and connecting to a CISCO 3750 stack. I am receiving expected results in IOPs numbers with exception of Random Read. Can you post your Cisco interface port configs for the Nimble and also for iSCSI? Ex..."flowcontrol received desired"..."spanning-tree portfast"...etc.  And did you enable Jumbo Frames? Here are my results:



Volume: VMFS 5 4K

Random Writes: ~35,000 IOPS / ~275 MB/sec

Random Reads: ~21,000 IOPS / ~160 MB/sec (low numbers...expecting higher numbers in the ~40,000+ much like Shawn Peters)

Seq Writes: ~20,000 IOPS / ~160 MB/sec

Seq Reads: ~6,600 IOPS / ~419 MB/sec


Why are the Random Reads so low? Should the numbers be up in the 40,000+? Any help is appreciated?