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Default iGroup security setting

Question asked by Mike Sparkes on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by Amirul Islam



Just getting into Nimble - coming NetApp background, playing with a base C220.


Is it possible to set the default iGroup security setting?


Example - out of the box, a NetApp filer when a new Volume is provisioned it automatically exports this via NFS. (our PS will always turn this off..)


I've been testing the Nimble integration tools etc, the datastore I had provisioned via the vCenter Plugin was unrestricted - which was a shock when I came round to testing with a 2008R2 VM and the Datastore was available. Following that any other volume I created manually all we unrestricted - I've got into the habbit of setting this now, but it's a concern I have rolling this out to customers.


Our SE said this wasn't possible, but I was curious if anyone knew of any magic or real world solutions.