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Oracle on Windows - Storage Strategy

Question asked by Greg Sellek on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Sammy Bogaert

Hi everyone,


We've recently been attempting to P2V our Oracle database server...the last physical server.  However, we're seeing some performance hits of up to 50% on the virtual system.  I know this is a very in-depth problem, and getting to the bottom of it would require lots more info here than I'm willing to subject you to.  However, I'd like to just simplify things and ask, "What's the best storage strategy for Oracle on Windows with Nimble?"

We are a small shop and do not have a dedicated DBA, so it's important for us to KISS whenever possible.  Currently, the test system is simply using multiple VMDK volumes as multiple drives in Windows 2008R2 on VSphere 5.1 with multi-pathed 1Gbps iSCSI connections to the Nimble.  Would I really see a performance difference if we went to ASM volumes?  What about RDM?  If there was a difference, would it really make it worthwhile to lose the ease of administration of treating storage on this server similar to our other servers?