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New Install CS210

Question asked by Soheil Eftekhari on Jul 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Soheil Eftekhari

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know if someone can assist me with the question That I have.


We recently got a CS210 and I configured the array VIA command line.


I have done the following:


ETH1 on controller A for Management.


ETH2,3,4 for Data.


I did the configuration only on the Controller A. After the configuration was Finished I was able to log onto the Array VIA Browser. I can see the array showing healthy everything is green. I see both controllers A and B and all corresponding ports and connections are green.  I have done a failover for testing and I lost connectivity all together.


My questions is, Do I have to run the configuration on both controllers and provide the IP address configuration on Controller B? I only IP Controller A and I thought it is a floating IP scheme as fail over happens it takes the IP from Controller A and assigns it on Controller B?


As far as network goes, we only have one Switch. I know that is not ideal what so ever, but currently we have to configure the Array with Single Switch. Management has its own VLAN and ISCSI has its own VLAN configured. Ports are different for each controllers.



Could Someone please let me know what could have gone wrong?