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How do I get the Nimble unit to show the correct amount of space used/free?

Question asked by David Jay on Jul 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by Jeff Feierfeil
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Hi all!


We have 2 Nimble units and we have just jumped of the Exchage 2013 bandwagon (to many bugs and major problems with Quest migration tool) and will choose to stick with a Windows 2008 R2 + Exchange 2010 solution running on Windows 2012 Hyper-V.


Everyting works great with the Windows Integration Toolkit and the Volume Collections for snapshotting our new Exchange 2010 environment.

The Exchange system is set up with 2 database volumes and 1 log volume for both databases.


What I do wonder about is that on the log volume after a snaphot with verify has been performed and the Exhange 2010 logs have been truncated, the volume on the Nimble Storage GUI does not show the correct amount of free space. I am guessing this has to do with the storage system not being able to reclaim the now free blocks back from Windows 2008 R2.


So even with the WIT installed does this not in some way tell the storage system that X blocks are free and can be reclaimed?


Is there some other way to do this in Windows 2008 R2. I know that Windows 2012 releases free blocks back to the Nimble storage system but I don't know how we get this done on Windows 2008 R2.


Here are two pic to demonstrate... I have marked with red the Storage sytemem VS Windows 2008 R2 and what they present as free...

Pic 1



Pic 2




Anyone with a few pointers feel free to help :-D