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    iSCSI Initiators Across Multiple Nimble Units

    Bryan Bond Newbie
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      I need a simple way to manage the iSCSI initiator groups across many Nimble devices, managing them individually is getting very cumbersome and we find that there are too many human errors during this process.

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          Justin Rich Adventurer

          I have created a PowerShell module for stuff like this. Working with initiator groups is part of whats been implemented and tested already. Also i've got code (which i can share if you want) that will get the IQN of systems so you could easily script it so that you hand it a handful of server names and what volume you'd like to add it to.


          If you give me more details of what you'd like to simplify i can help out with a powershell solution.

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            Justin!  Great work!


            Bryan, great observation!


            I too have experienced some tediousness working with a large number of initiator groups across multiple arrays.  Justin's methodology is a great way to automate the population of multiple init-groups across arrays.  This is especially helpful when rigging for disaster recovery and verifying you are prepared end to end for a fail-over event.


            In light of your observation, I am opening a bug on your behalf asking for additional feature enhancement to provide an in-UI & CLI tool for replicating initiator groups from array to array.  I will name this the Bond Bug #1 if you don't mind.


            Kind regards team,


            Devin Hamilton

            Director, Storage Architecture,