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    VM datastore clone testing using Powershell

    Justin Rich Adventurer

      been working with VM datastore cloning and running syspreps so i've made a couple of scripts, first one is to run a customization template on all VMs on the new datastore and the other is to remove those VMs and remove the DS


      The cleanup uses a Nimble PowerShell module I created

      jrich523/NimblePowerShell · GitHub


      This will import all the VMs and rename and sysprep them. there are some assumptions on the template name and how i want the new names to be


      $vmhost = "hostname"

      $networkname = "network adapter name"

      $dsname = "CloneTest2" ##whatever you named your new clone

      $instance = "Dev3" ## Im cloning for development env, this and the next two var's are just for how we build computer names

      $id = "D3"

      $Prefix = "TUK"


      #get all VMX (vm's) on the datastore

      $vmxs = gci vmstore:\$((Get-Datacenter).name)\$dsname -Recurse -Include *.vmx | select -exp datastorefullpath


      foreach($vmx in $vmxs)


          $currentname = ($vmx -split "/|\.")[1]

          $name = "$Prefix$ID$currentname"

          $currentVM = get-vm $currentname

          #$os is used to pick the customization template

          $os = if($currentVM.Guest.OSFullName -match "(20\d\d)"){$matches[1]}else{Write-Error "cant find OS version" -ea Stop}


          #set location

          $vm = new-vm -Name $name -VMFilePath $vmx -VMHost $VMhost -ea Stop


          Set-VM -VM $vm -OSCustomizationSpec "$os-NP-Dev" -Confirm:$false -ea Stop

          Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $vm | Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkName $networkname -StartConnected $true -Confirm:$false  -ea stop

          # the start will toss a question error but i cant answer the question until i attempt to start it...

          Start-VM $vm

          Get-VMQuestion -VM $vm | Set-VMQuestion -DefaultOption -Confirm:$false




      once the test is complete and I want to clean up, I run this, which relies on the module. Im going to look in to using the module to do the cloning as well to hopefully get a VSS consistent snap



      $dsname = "CloneTest2"  ##clone name

      $arrayIP = ""

      $password = "arraypassword"


      Get-VM -Datastore $dsname | stop-vm -Confirm:$false -ea 0 | Remove-VM -Confirm:$false  ## remove all VMs on DS from inventory

      sleep 2

      Remove-Datastore $dsname -Confirm:$false -VMHost $vmhost

      Connect-NSArray -SystemName $arrayIP -Password $password

      Remove-NSVolume -Name CloneTest2 -Force

      Remove-NSSnapShot -Name CloneTest2 -Volume CloneTest -Force

      Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostStorage -RescanAllHba -RescanVmfs




      any suggestions/input/question would be great