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    whats the difference between manual/automatic/VMWare clone?

    Justin Rich Adventurer

      noticed some comments that made me feel an automatic clone (protection policy) triggers VSS and a manual doesnt? how does the VM clone work?

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          Hi Justin, could you share the verbiage that caused the confusion?


          VSS snapshot is triggered when

          1)snapshot is taken at the volume collection level

          2)snapshot is taken from a schedule (i.e., hourly snapshot schedule would trigger VSS snapshot to be taken for the volume every hour)


          VSS snapshot will NOT be triggered if you snap the volume from vCenter server plugin or at the volume level.


          As for cloning, it doesn't trigger any snapshotting of volumes as the clone is based on a particular snapshot.  If the volume is snapped successfully w/ VSS quiescing, then the clone will have consistent data for the application.


          Hope this helps.