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    Bring a Replica online

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      I need to move data from one Nimble to another, so I thought I'd use replication. This gave me access if I mounted a snapshot of the replica or cloned it, but how do set this replica online?



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          Justin Rich Adventurer

          In going to say that you cant.


          If you think about it, if you replicate volume A to B then as A is changing so is B... so you can take a snapshot/clone of B... but when you break the replication you destroy B...


          as i said i dont use replication, but based on questions i've asked about clones/snapshots and breaking them away from the parent, i'd say you cant do that...


          hopefully im wrong

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            I actually found out how to do it.


            Deleting the Replicated volume, allows the the replica to be 'claimed', and brought online

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                +1 to Gordon's comment.


                Array A has the source volume.  you create a replica on Array B.  Once you have a clean, complete replica on Array B you can offline the volume on Array A and then delete it (there is a checkbox "stop protecting this volume").  Go to Array B, open the replica volume, click "Claim", edit the settings and expose it to your client machine.

                Very painless process.


                P.S.  for those of you wary about whether the replica is valid I've created a clone of the replica, mounted it with the same server (the client host has both the original volume on Array A and a zero copy clone of the replica on Array B mounted).  I use Beyond Compare to itemize the contents of the two volumes to verify they're perfect replicas.  Once i'm confident that all the data is there I dismount the zero copy clone on Array B, delete it, and go through the process above to have the client mount the volume on the new Array.