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    Multi-Volume Backup Recommendations

    Ihor Gritsak Newbie

      Hi All,


      I just recently started using Nimble storage and have moved our SharePoint server to the SAN. 


      There is an update I need to install on SP so for something like this I would usually shutdown the two VM's used for SP (one for SP, one for its DB) and make a copy of them so that I have a full clean copy and if something goes wrong I just put the copy back.  We can afford the down time on this and the server is pretty recently deployed. 


      Now that I have my SP on the SAN and it's spread across multiple volumes I am wondering what the best way to make a backup of all volumes at the same point in time would be so that I can roll back if needed.  Seems like taking a snapshot of the volumes is the best option but I know it's not as simple as just creating a manual snapshot especially with one of the volumes hosting the db. 


      Thanks for your help.


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          Shawn Peters Wayfarer

          My suggestion would be:

          - On the Nimble, created a Volume Collection that contains all your SP servers.  (on web gui go to... Manage > Protection > Volume Collections)

            -- Make sure that it's setup to synchronize to vCenter (or VSS - pending how your setup is)

            -- Add in a regular schedule if you want. [Highly recommended]

            -- Add in all the required SharePoint volumes.

          - Once it's created click the 'Validate' button to make sure that everything will work properly.  If it does then keep going, if not troubleshoot the errors.

          - When your ready to do your backups, click the 'Take Snapshot Collection....' button and in a couple seconds you have a live backup.


          If all goes south with your SP updates you can just click the 'Snapshots' tab and click the 'Clone' button and restore anything that is required.


          Just a heads up though that I'm not running SP in our environment so if there are any SP guru's out there that can correct me please do.

          This is the steps I use for all our other server updates.


          Hope this helps,


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            Ihor Gritsak Newbie

            Thank you both for your responses, glad to have some more info on this.