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Built and tested in Version 3 (v2 compatibility will be validated but it should be fine)



Run the following line in PowerShell

iex (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://raw.github.com/jrich523/NimblePowerShell/master/Install.ps1')



In powershell load the module by typing:


Import-Module Nimble


This might prompt for loading depending on what your execution policy is.


To get a list of commands type:


Get-Command -module Nimble


currently the help files are not populated but once I get basic functionality up and running I'll start to sure up the code and populate help details.





##Connect to array first, currently only handles one array

Connect-NSArray -SystemName -Password p@ssw0rd   ##currently password is just clear text, will change that soon

#List volumes


#New volume

New-NSVolume -Name testvol -Size 1tb -Description "powershell test" -PerformancePolicy default

#a more detailed example, assume you have a "clonetest" volume:


Get-NSSnapShot -Volume clonetest

Get-NSVolume -Name clonetest| New-NSSnapshot -Name CloneTest2 | New-NSClone -Name CloneTest2

Get-NSSnapShot -Volume clonetest


Get-NSVolume clonetest2 | Get-NSVolumeACL


Add-NSInitiatorGroupToVolume -InitiatorGroup esx -Volume clonetest2 -Access Volume

Get-NSVolume clonetest2 | Get-NSVolumeACL

Get-NSVolume clonetest2 | Get-NSVolumeACL | Get-NSInitiatorGroup

Remove-NSVolume clonetest2 -Force

Get-NSVolume clonetest | Get-NSSnapShot | Remove-NSSnapShot



If you have a special need let me know i can probably easily add it in, just trying to get base functionality and work towards replication the UI functionality.


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