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    Performance Results

    Shawn Peters Wayfarer

      Just wanted to share the details with anyone else wanting to know.

      Back when we first installed out CS220 in March 2012 I ran a bunch of SQLIO test's against the Nimble CS220 our Dell MD3000i SAN and local SSD storage.  Just testing using SQLIO with 4k size.  I varied the Windows disk formating size to just see the results.

      Guess I can't post iFrames so here is a link to the PDF's.


      Original Nimble Test Results


      Also just ran some tests today before we implemented the 0 byte settings.  This is in reference to Importance of Path Change Settings in VMware  and VMware vSphere on Nimble Best Practice Express Edition


      Byte Change Results


      If anyone else has their testing details out there it would be cool too.