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    Windows 2012 network adapter settings for ISCSI

    David Jay Wayfarer
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      Hi all!


      I was trying to find the best practices regarding the settings of Network interfaces in regard to iSCSI at large and Nimble in particular. I've been looking over most of the Nimble and MS docs I can find but can't find anything that really explains this.

      Also would you change from the MS Windows 2012 driver for this card to HP's Broadcom driver which is much newer? (We've have a weird incident regarding HP Proliant SP 2013.02.13 and HP IPS update 1.40 and NIC on a host).


      We have 1 x HP 530 SFP+ 10GigE adapter per Hyper-V host, based on the (Broadcom BCM57810 NetXtreme II 10GigE)


      In the network settings pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg, I like to disable all unneeded connection items.

      I'm guessing that for only iSCSI i can unmark all except IPv4 protocol... I might be wrong though.




      Also while I'm at it the what would be the best setting regard NIC advanced settings on the NIC driver? See pic 3





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          Hi, Dave. Have a look at the Networking BPG, it will answer some of your questions. Nimble Storage Best Practices for Networking


          As for the drivers, I'm not sure, but probably worth firing up IOMeter and testing both. One thing that I will mention is to make sure that your NOS is updated to the latest version as there was a bug fix re: some Broadcomm adapters using Hardware initiators.


          I too like to remove everything except for IPv4 on the data NICs. You should also enable Jumbo frames if possible which can greatly improve throughput. Enabling flow control is also a good idea too.


          I hope this helps,



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              David Jay Wayfarer

              Hi Nicholas!


              Thanks for your answer, but the BPG which I've read, does not really state any of this. It would be good to know which items are ok to disable in the MS Win network settings and also what the best settings are in the advanced driver settings on the NIC driver.

              From what I know Linux usually abhors all TOE so all IP offloading can be disabled. Regarding the MS Win settings I am unsure, but think its is fine to disable all except IPv4.