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Writing Replicated VMFS LUN Data To Tape

Question asked by Ben Watson on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Gary Bennett

We have a situation with a customer whereby snapshots are used for daily & weekly backups, and replicas are sent to a DR box.


There is a requirement to copy replicated data from the arrays onto tape for longer-term retention (up to 7 years). Cloning a replica and presenting this to a backup server at the DR site is the easy part, however I was wondering whether anyone has any suggestions about how best to write replicated VMFS volumes to tape? Considering that the backup server will invariably be a Windows OS and trying to minimise manual intervention at the DR site...


Currently, we have a couple of ideas:


     1. Host-based tools to mount the VMFS volume on a Windows/Linux box, then have the backup application take a backup of the mounted directory.


     2. Have an ESXi host at the DR site, present & mount the cloned replica and have the backup application take a backup of the VMs using VADP


Has anyone done this before using either approach outlined above, or a different way? If so, any thoughts?