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    CS210/CS220 tech specs

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      Hi All,


      I am looking for detailed technical specs for 210 and 220. General  specs are here: Hybrid Storage Arrays and Expansion Shelves Specifications | Nimble Storage

      but I was looking for more detailed info, such as:

      - CPU Type

      - Memory per controller (DRAM/NVRAM)

      - Max flash capacity


      Do you have detailed tech spec paper somewhere?


      Thank you

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          Ben Watson Adventurer

          Hello Ivan,


          Without providing a detailed specification sheet, the answers are (as far as I'm aware):


               - CPU type = single quad-core per controller (although not sure what the exact chip used is)

               - Memory per controller = 1GB NVRAM & 12GB DRAM (per CS2x0 series controller)

               - Maximum flash capacity = 160GB on CS210 (2 x 80GB SSDs)  //  1.2TB on CS220 (using X4 -- 4 x 320GB SSDs). Flash can be field-upgraded from standard models.


          At last check I think the SSDs are the Intel 320 series. The X2 & X4 models are fantastic for VDI deployments.

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            Ben Loveday Wayfarer

            Hi Ivan,


            To add to Ben's answers, the controllers use a quad-core Nehalem CPU. The CS2xx series have one CPU and the CS4xx series have two.

            The chassis are basically a Supermicro SBB chassis that has been customised for the Nimble software. Quite effective in my opinion, gets away from having to invest in building hardware, means they can spend more on developing the software :-)

            As for the SATA drives they are WD Enterprise SATA's. SSD's are Intel 320's as Ben mentioned (not quite sure why they didn't go with 520's but still a great drive).

            If you get your hands on the user guides it has all of the detailed specs in there.

            I've been working with a CS210 and think they are marvelous units.