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Performance Policy for SQL 2008 R2 on VMFS5

Question asked by Jordan Loehr on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by wen

I have a question about which performance policy (specifically to do with block size) that should be used for SQL 2008 R2 Data/log volumes when these volumes are vmdk's within a VMFS5 volume on a Nimble storage array.


  • Virtualized SQL 2008 r2 server (Server 2008 R2 x64)
    • OS Drive on NTFS/VMDK (default 4KB allocation unit size <> VMFS5 (1MB blocksize) <> VM Nimble Volume (VMware ESX5 (4KB block) Performance Policy)
    • SQL data on NTFS/VMDK (64KB allocation unit size) <> VMFS5 (1MB block size) <> SQL-Data Nimble Volume (?)
    • SQL logs on NTFS/VMDK (64KB allocation unit size) <> VMFS5 (1MB block size0 <> SQL-Logs Nimble Volume (?)


Should the performance policy for the data and logs be set to SQL Server / SQL Server logs (8KB/4KB block size respectively), or to the VMware ESX5 performance policy since they are on top of a VMFS volume? Is using the 64KB allocation unit size when formatting the ntfs volume still recommended when using a virtual environment in this way? Thanks!