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    New Nimble Customer Looking For Your Thoughts

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           We are currently looking to implement a large Nimble array to start moving away from our traditional storage models, and are looking for some feedback on your experience with the Nimble product.  Good and bad, innovations and gotchas.  We are a cloud provider hosting around 500+ VMware VMs.  Any information or thoughts you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!

      Christopher Fox

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          Hello Christopher


          Welcome to NimbleConnect!


          We have quite a few customers including SP that are running 100's of VMs in their environment. I am sure others will chime in, but thought I'd share our Customer page where you can peruse through success stories, videos and blogs of customers with sizable virtual deployments such as Virtacore, Langara College and CU-Boulder.


          Nimble Storage Customer Case Studies


          There are a few blogs/posts that you can read as well (not endorsed by Nimble)



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            Ben Watson Adventurer

            Hello Christopher,


            I've seen a few generations of the product (from v1.2 onwards I think), and can say that the only real negatives were teething issues with early releases (mainly not being able to perform some functions from the GUI, like changing network addresses and needing to create a volume collection before you were allowed to do this through the 'Create Volume' wizard). However, these were all easily fixable and fixed very quickly (next software release from memory).


            Although Support is excellent (both ASUP and the actual people in Support), the standard product warranty is only next business day, however this can be rectified by using a decent integrator. InfoSight is fantastic, and so impressive for such a young company. This has clearly been in the making for many years.


            The only downsides I can see are just a couple of lacked day-to-day features; role-based user access for one. However, a minor and very easy workaround ultimately removes this problem anyway (will elaborate further if you like).


            I haven't mentioned capacity (compression optimised) or performance, which are arguably two of the most important considerations when buying an array, because they will have already had a lot of discussion. But, the performance is astonishing. I thought it had to be smoke and mirrors until I validated it, and then promptly called off the witch hunt :-)

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              Nick Dyer Navigator

              Well said Ben - pretty much spot on!


              RE the part onsite times - we are now starting to roll out 4 hour support in various regions around the world (for example, London/South East was opened in the last couple of weeks) so that's another plus for customers that need parts within a certain period of time.

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                Nelson Penn Newbie

                Christopher, I am a newbie to the SAN world and did a fair amount of research and contacting customer references prior to our bank purchasing 2 Nimble arrays (one for production and one for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery).  I looked at EqualLogic, Lefthand, and EMC's VNX series and ultimately chose Nimble Storage because no other vendor came close to matching the value and price.


                We have been a reference for Nimble at least 6 times and I would be happy to talk with you too!

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                  Matt Mueller Newbie



                  We've just added our first SAN into our hosting environment, we have a little over 40 virtual machines - web, sql server, oracle, file, etc., and the performance is simply awesome.  It literally is a hands off device once you have everything setup, which from what i've heard from others, is not the case with other major manufacturers.


                  You will not believe the compression you'll get, until you see it.  It's truly amazing.


                  A friend of mine switched his company from a 250+k netapp implementation, for their 1000 vdi setup - netapp wasn't able to keep up with the i\o requirements, over to I believe a 440 or 460 and have not had a problem since.


                  I would recommend you speak with a technical sales rep, or engineering department to ask them about sizing based on your server network and i\o needs, to find the right fit.  Every network is unique.

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                    Short answer? Buy it, it works and it does everything that claimed it would do (at least in my situation.)  This our third SAN and it is the first one that I have been impressed with performance on. Server's reboot so fast, if you look away you will have to check to make sure you told it to reboot.  If you use the Zero Copy Clone feature for your VDI you will get even better performance / space usage since all the common files are only on the array once and in cache all the time. My only gripe is the interface is sometimes not accurate. However that seems to be resolved in 1.4.6.