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    Compression Rates for SQL Server


      Nimble Storage offers inline variable-block compression that can save you lots of disk space without compromising performance.  You may be wondering just how much savings you can expect with Nimble’s compression, and if you’re curious about compression rates for SQL Server, you’ve come to the right place!


      The graph below, generated by Nimble Storage's InfoSight deep-data analytics service, shows real compression rates across the Nimble Storage install base (taken on April 4th 2013) for volumes using the SQL Server performance policies.

      SQL server compression.JPG.jpg



      As you can see, the average compression for SQL Server database comes in at just over 2.0, and for SQL Server Logs, compression is even higher at 2.2! Nimble Storage’s compression is on average very effective at compressing the data stored by SQL Server, and results in a huge reduction in storage space requirements.


      With Nimble Storage, not only do you save space on your volumes, but your pointer based thin (block level incremental) snapshots also benefit from compression.

      How do these compression rates compare with what you are seeing across your applications?

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          William Farmer Wayfarer

          Currently due to performance concerns that were present when we moved our SQL Servers to our Nimble CS-220 we were under instructions not to implement compression on the datastores that hold our SQL databases but we are seeing a general compression ratio of about 1.4 with great performance overall, considering a less than optimal networking environment (soon to be corrected) that it is working in. So far, I've been pretty impressed with the performance of the unit overall for the functions it is performing.



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              Ajay Singh Wayfarer

              thanks for sharing your experience Will.

              it's possible there was some mis-communication during your initial installation, but there is no reason to disable compression on SQL volumes. In fact, the built in SQL performance policies that ship with the system have compression enabled by default. We have a large number of systems in production enjoying both great performance and good compression rates for SQL volumes. If you have any concerns, please contact support and they can guide you through the process of enabling compression.



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              Ben Watson Adventurer

              We have a customer who's seeing 3.75:1 compression ratio on a subset of their SQL volumes. It's not a global average, but interesting to see such impressive compression figures (considering the only other compression options would see either performance degradation or extensive work required to mitigate the performance decrease).