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    Windows - Disk 9 has been surprise removed

    Robert Vilhelmsen Wayfarer
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      2 node Windows 2012r2 cluster running Hyper-V against cs235 iSCSI.


      Each time my Veeam does a VSS snapshot (hyper-V onhost), i´ll see these errors in the eventlog:

      Disk 9 has been surprise removed


      Happens for each iSCSI disk.


      Reading Nimble documentation, it says this error can be ignored. By I actual have a problem as each time this happens, my Windows search service looses connection to the drives - and therefore the index corrupts - and only by restarting the indexing service, it sees all iSCSI drives again and starts to reindex my configured path. Looking at indexing options in control panel, it says "connection lost to drive" until service is restartet.


      CS235 -


      All windows patches installed up to date.


      Is this a Windows bug or Nimble bug?