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    Convert from copper to fiber on Nimble 235

    Rod Dusek Newbie
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      I have a Nimble235 SAN.  Currently it has 10 GB copper connections.  I want to purchase the fiber cards to convert it to 10 GB fiber connections.  It is a matter taking down my connected servers, then the SAN, then adding the card.  From there configuring the new interfaces on the SAN on boot up?  Is there some documentation on this you are aware of from Nimble?  Can the card be added hot?  Has anyone done this successfully?  Any info  on this process would be great.  Thanks Rod

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          Nick Dyer Pioneer

          Hi Rod,


          There's a guide on Infosight for this process you're thinking of: clicky


          It can be done live or can be done with a maintenance window, although in my experience expecting to transition to different networking with VLANs, Jumbo Frames and the whole plethora of other configurations could cause some troubleshooting problems. Therefore i'd probably set a maintenance window and do the work in one fell swoop.