Open your eyes to storage performance (three part blog post)

Discussion created by wen Employee on Feb 12, 2013

It is a great feeling to see customers succeed using our product to 1)solve the issues that keep them awake at night, 2)enable them to focus less on hectic tasks/operational issues that hinder productivity.  Nowadays, everyone in their mother is trying to offer storage solution  - especially with the introduction of SSD/flash device.  We are starting to see more and more ridiculous marketing claims on extreme performance from SSDs.  Are all emerging flash enabled storage solutions created the same?  Hell no - therefore, our mission is to educate folks out there on how to challenge storage vendors.  When one claims 100k iops at sub-millisecond latency - what would you do?  Read the following three part post to equip yourself with proper ammunition:


Part 1

Storage Performance Basics 101


Part 1a

esxtop tip


Part 2

Storage Performance 102


Happy reading!  Feel free to share ridiculous vendor claims that you see out there!