Interview with Sacramento City College: Getting the most out of your VDI deployments

Blog Post created by sdpaiva Employee on Oct 18, 2013

At Storage Networking World, Daniel Kwong of Sacramento City College, gave a great presentation on “Key Storage Strategies for Getting The Most out of Your VDI Deployments.”  He discussed how Nimble Storage enabled his VDI environment, which helps serves the college’s 25,000 students and 5,000 staff.


Daniel implemented his VDI solution on Nimble Storage, and I caught up with Daniel after his session to chat about his VDI deployment.  In the candid and unscripted discussion below, Daniel discusses his VDI environment and some of the challenges he faced. He also discusses the benefits of deploying VDI on Nimble Storage arrays that include high performance, ease of management, proactive monitoring (InfoSight) and support, as well as snapshots and replication for disaster recovery.


You can find the interview with Daniel here:

Sacramento City College Discusses VDI on Nimble Storage at SNW 2013 - YouTube