VMworld 2013 – Impromptu Customer Interviews

Blog Post created by sdpaiva Employee on Sep 4, 2013

VMworld 2013 was a great event for Nimble Storage, with many coming by the Nimble booth or sitting in on one of the breakout sessions to learn more about how Nimble storage delivers storage solutions for different areas such as desktop and server virtualization, business critical applications, and storage lifecycle management (InfoSight).


One of the great things about VMworld is that it gives us a chance to meet many of our customers at one venue.  We are fortunate to have a passionate customer base, and meeting with them is always a pleasure.  This year, we took the opportunity to record some impromptu customer conversations – no script, lighting, or lapel mikes – just us, camcorder in hand, and our customers having some candid conversations wherever we could find a quiet room…and that’s no easy task on the show floor at VMworld with every vendor trying to make as much noise as possible!


So sit back and enjoy these impromptu and unscripted conversations on how Nimble Storage solves some very real challenges for our customers:


1) Robert Dixon - Director of IT.  Eric DenBraber - Assistant Director of IT, University of Colorado Boulder

Robert Dixon and Eric DenBraber discuss how the right technology stack is critical for VDI, and how the Nimble Storage SmartStack for VDI enables their VDI environment:


2) Jerry Yang - Chief Information Officer, Foster Pepper

Foster Pepper CIO Jerry Yang discusses how Nimble Storage arrays enable his data protection and disaster recovery strategy through snapshots and replication, including how it works with VMware Site Recovery Manager. Jerry also provides contrasts and comparisons with other models for data protection he has used:


3) Jeff Winter - Information Systems Director, City of Hot Springs

Description: VMworld 2013: Jeff Winter discusses using Nimble Storage arrays for server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and data protection.  He also discusses how InfoSight helps him monitor his storage and troubleshoot issues: