Why all the buzz around InfoSight?

Blog Post created by sdpaiva Employee on Jun 5, 2013

In just a little over a month after launch, InfoSight already had over 1000 users that logged in, and the count keeps going!  We have a great deal of interest in InfoSight, and this post points you to some key go-to resources to find out more.  For starters, our website has a great animated video that explains InfoSight in less than 3 minutes, and a video featuring our Chief Data Scientist and VP of Support covering architecture and benefits.


Hungry for more?  Want to understand how real Nimble Storage customers use InfoSight? Well, you’ve come to the right place – keep reading!



Taneja Group Solution Profile:

Quote: “With InfoSight, Nimble Storage has clearly positioned itself as a thought leader and innovator in the storage industry”


If you’re interested in a comprehensive look at InfoSight, make sure you take a look at the solution profile by the Taneja group.  The solution profile reviews InfoSight in depth, and includes real customer interviews that discuss how InfoSight was used to solve performance issues, monitor storage, and plan for growth.  You can download a copy of the solution profile here:




Case studies:

Quote: “We realized that Nimble was the best storage platform a couple years ago — but we didn't know it would get even better. The monitoring, reporting, and proactive support capabilities of InfoSight are simply unmatched by any other storage tools in the industry.


To see how real Nimble Storage customers have used InfoSight with great success, be sure to check out the following customer case studies. The case studies cover the challenges customers faced, as well as benefits InfoSight delivered.




What’s next?

If you’ve read through all of this, then you probably realize the potential InfoSight has and are naturally wondering - “what’s next?” I can’t say too much about this right now, but I can point you to the 1M Oracle TPM (one million transactions per minute) blog by our Chief Data Scientist, Larry Lancaster, where he talks about “cool new InfoSight-based performance optimization tools to help us identify and clear out a few bottlenecks” and how “these tools will be available directly to customers”: