Network upgrade of CS215 from 1GbE to 10GbaseT

Blog Post created by rfenton Employee on Jan 12, 2015

Last week I visited a customer in order to assist them with an upgrade to their CS215 from 1GbE interfaces to 10GbaseT interfaces.


As you are probably aware, the process is straightforward, essentially you take out the standby controller and update the Network Interface Cards, replace it and failover and do the same to the new standby controllers. There is a full procedure available on Infosight (NIC/FC HBA Upgrade Quick Start Guide in the Hardware section) or you can ask you local SE for more details.

Note: If your running Nimble OS 2.0.x then you will need to contact support to non-disruptively upgrade your network adaptors. Nimble OS 1.4 and 2.1 and greater should be very straight forward and should not require support intervention.


During this particular upgrade there was one thing that looked odd which is what I wanted to share. 


Typically for a 1GbE array the interfaces are named ethX and a 10GbE array port is named as tgX.  Therefore my full expectation was to have the interfaces appear as tgX after the ports were upgraded.  This was my first 10GbaseT array that I upgraded as all of the others have been 10GbE SFP+ and on upgrade the interface names remained ethX.  Speaking to support this is expected behaviour (because the 10GbaseT can negotiate down to 1GbE if required).


Therefore don't be surprised if the interface name doesn't change after you upgrade to 10GbaseT.  I've included a screenshot below for you reference as it does show:

- The configuration name of the array successfully updates

- the ports are shown to negotiate at 10GbE

- the naming uses the ethX naming