VMWare Plugin, Windows 2012 and Flash Player not loading

Blog Post created by rfenton Employee on Oct 31, 2014

I was recently on a customer install and we had a real pain getting Flash Player to work on Windows 2012 (specifically for the Nimble VMWare Plugin to work).


Whilst it's not specifically a Nimble error, I thought I'd document the solution here, for my own future reference but also for the reference of others !!


My woes started when I tried to register the Nimble VMWare Plugin with vCenter,  that was straightforward and then I launched vCenter Client only to be be presented with the Flash not installed screen.  So as you do, I downloaded and installed Adobe Flash Player, only to be told that it wasn't installed (despite it being successfully installed:



So like everyone else does, I thought this is a Windows IE thing, so proceeded to try a different default browser (Chrome, Firefox)... Update my security settings... still no joy !!!


The answer was to install the 'Desktop Experience' on my 2012 Server.  (which sounded nice).  You can so this by, clicking on Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features:




Clicking on Features and highlighting/clicking Desktop Experience




Confirm the feature install:




and then allow the feature to be installed:




relaunching vCenter Client now succsfully loads Flashplayer and therefore the plugin:




Took a while to hunt this one down so hopefully the post will save someone some time !