Paul Frisoli

Nimble Storage on Demand: Subscription Serviced Storage - Capacity and Performance as Needed

Blog Post created by Paul Frisoli Employee on Jan 26, 2015


Good morning and Happy New Year!


I wanted to share information relative to Nimble’s Storage on Demand solution offering. This solution serves organizations in need of a storage foundation while maintaining efficient capital expenditure or OPEX benefit.


    • This is an industry first offering that does away with the risks and complexities of regular (capex) purchasing, financing or leasing arrangements.  Customers pay a fixed rate per TiB per month or per year and are only required to commit for 12 months.  Customers can grow their footprint at any time. After the commitment period has expired customers can continue to pay and use the systems or return them (or even reduce capacity).


    • Nimble recognizes there is demand in the marketplace for more flexible procurement models that fit better with cloud and on-demand business models.  Nimble SoD helps customers reduce the risks of buying too much or the wrong storage, achieve more operational flexibility by providing them the option to change their storage at any time, and achieve financial flexibility by moving to an OPEX model that does NOT carry assets on their balance sheets. With SoD, customers can scale capacity up and down as their needs change. SoD also allows Service Providers to align how they pay us with how they are paid by their customers and potentially free up working capital.


    • Nimble: Storage on Demand Resources:
    • Benefits:
      • Pay Just For What You Use
      • Performance Service Levels (SLA’s)
      • Never Run Out of Capacity or Performance (monitored by Nimble via Infosight)
      • No Lock In: Requires a first-year commitment, cancel or continue on a month-by-month basis