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NimbleOS 3 is now Generally Available (GA)!

Blog Post created by Nick Dyer Employee on Sep 1, 2016

Back in February/March 2016, Nimble embarked on one of it's biggest feature updates in history - NimbleOS 3, with the first Release Candidates being made available to specific whitelisted systems.


Throughout the last 4-6 months the code has been field-tested, refined and burnt in - and has achieved >99.999% availability in production use from the Infosight data recorded from these systems. Therefore NimbleOS 3 is now officially marked as Generally Available (GA) for ALL Adaptive and All Flash Arrays - and is available to download through your array GUI browser NOW!


Be sure to check the Release Notes on Infosight for the requisites and known issues.


Also ensure that you update Nimble Connection Manager for VMware and the Windows Toolkit to Version 3 BEFORE upgrading your array OS, as well as upgrading add-on items such as the VMware SRA for Site Recovery Manager.


Here's an SE-led blog series on some of the new features within NimbleOS 3, and here's the Concepts Guide for the new OS.



NOTE: VSS integration with hosts leveraging Nimble Windows Toolkit (NWT) 2.1 and earlier will not work with NimbleOS 3.x.


What is New in


The following features are new in NimbleOS as of 3.x, and available in


·         Support for All Flash Arrays

·         New Generation of Adaptive Flash Arrays

·         Variable-Block Deduplication on All Flash Array

·         Support for VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols)

·         Triple+ Parity RAID

·         SMI-S Integration with Folders

·         Microsoft Active Directory Integration for Role Based Access

·         Importing Custom Certificates

·         SMI-S Provisioning Using Fibre Channel

·         Improved Replication Performance

·         VAAI: Copy Offload

·         Striped Volumes for Fibre Channel

·         Non-Disruptive Volume Move for Fibre Channel

·         FIPS 140-2 certified encryption support

·         Deduplication and Encryption support for the same volume on All Flash arrays

·         Fan-In Replication ratio of 50:1



The following downloads are available on Infosight along with release notes and documentation:


·         NimbleOS

·         Nimble Windows Toolkit (NWT) version

·         Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) for VMware version 3.3.0 for both ESXi5 and ESXi6

·         Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) for Linux version

·         Nimble Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for SRM version

·         Nimble Storage UCS Director Open Automation Module 1.1.0 for Cisco UCS Director

·         Nimble Adaptive Flash Cinder Driver 0.5 for OpenStack Icehouse release

·         Nimble Adaptive Flash Cinder Driver 1.0.2 for OpenStack Juno release

·         Nimble Adaptive Flash Cinder Driver 1.0.3 for OpenStack Kilo release

·         Nimble Adaptive Flash Cinder Driver 2.0.3 for OpenStack Mitaka release

·         Nimble AIX ODM

·         Nimble Powershell Toolkit (NPT) 1.0.0


Verified Update Paths

NimbleOS version is available for update through the Nimble Storage array GUI. Nimble Storage supports the following update paths:


From Release

To Release


Contact Support


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Happy upgrading!