Nick Dyer

Introducing Nimble Connection Manager (aka NCM) for Linux!

Blog Post created by Nick Dyer Employee on May 20, 2016

Great news! Engineering has formally released a Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) build specifically for Linux, which allows customers to use Nimble Connection Manager in the Linux environment to:


-          Automatically manage iSCSI and Multipath configuration

-          Ensure that connection redundancy is always maintained to Nimble array

-          Configure block device level settings for optimal performance

-          Provide flexibility to mount nimble volumes based on volume names

-          Migrate volumes between storage pools

-          Merge two storage pools within a group

-          Manage multipath connections at the I/O region level to volumes striped across multiple arrays


This also marks the first release of Linux Tool Kit, a newly created product suite. Linux NCM paves the way for future Linux integration areas... watch this space!


NCM for Linux is available for download from Infosight now. In this first release, NCM for Linux is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5 and above (other distros planned in the future), and NimbleOS 2.3.12.x and above. It works for both iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols.