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Nimble OS Released as GA (Generally Available) - 11/02/15

Blog Post created by Nick Dyer Employee on Feb 11, 2015

Hello all,


Nimble OS was marked as Generally Available as of February 11th 2015, and OS rollout will now commence to whitelisted arrays deployed in the field. As always, Nimble OS upgrades are non-disruptive and are to be performed at your convenience.


If you are on a Nimble OS release lesser than then you will need to make an intermediatory upgrade to either of these OS' before you can move across to (please see the verified update path list below).


Features included in

  • Fibre Channel support
  • Fibre Channel Multi-Array Group support
  • Syslogd support for audit logs and events
  • Microsoft SCVMM support
  • Cisco UCS Director Module
  • OpenStack Cinder Volume driver (iSCSI Only)
  • New flash cache algorithm for enhanced cache hit utilisation
  • 4TB HDD: Support for high capacity drives in both Arrays and Expansion Shelves.
  • ES1‑H85: Expansion Shelf with 4TB HDD and 1.6TB SSD.
  • 6 Shelf: Support for 6 Expansion Shelves on a single array stack.
  • New controller upgrade support:
         ‑ CS300 ‑> CS500 or CS700
         ‑ CS500 ‑> CS700


Verified Update Paths

Nimble OS version is available for update through the Nimble array GUI. Nimble supports the following upgrade paths:

Supported upgrade paths from the following releases are listed below:

From Release

To Release


Contact Support


Contact Support








You can check if you are whitelisted or blacklisted for this release by heading to Infosight and clicking your firmware version under the "Assets" tab:


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