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Julian Cates
The Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) is a popular standard that provides a common set of tools for enterprises to manage their storage. Developed by SNIA (the Storage Networking Industry Association), SMI-S compliant products provide users with a standardized interface, so they can deploy arrays from their storage vendors of… (Show more)
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Jasper Sanidad
Is it possible to create a volume as an NFS share to be used directly from any server (ex. nimble IP is and the new volume is called nfs, \\\nfs and is accessbile from any server within the network) ? If possible, how do I go about doing it?
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Nathan Gooding
In the new software I cannot see the size of a volume snapshot like in previous versions.  Am I missing something in the location of this information or has this information been removed in the new version.  Doesn't make much sense to not be able to see the size of your snapshots.
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Mike Harding
Since the GA on May 11, the Nimble Secondary Flash array has been getting awareness, both positive and otherwise. On the plus side, multiple deals have been closed and a pipeline of demand is growing behind that. Recently however we’re seeing controversy over “Mis-naming”.   Let me address the issues brought up in today’s Register story:   The… (Show more)
Mike Brown
I have a single server in a DR environment, not to exceed 2 servers in the future. To avoid purchasing switches, I'd like to direct-connect via Fibre Channel. Is this supported?
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Shelby Khan
Nimble Operating System (NimbleOS) has been upgraded to version 4, and there are tons of useful new capabilities and features available for all systems.   Over the coming weeks we will be running a series of blog posts to provide additional technical detail and how-to guides on the new features.  Each topic will get updated below so the…
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Tim Shipp
Hello,   So over the past several months the performance of our "main" array has slowly changed. I am seeing more latency and a lot more issues. One issue is we hit a bug in the NOS code that is causing frequent service restarts, that is supposed to be resolved in 4.x. Also we moved all workloads to the Nimble about 4 months ago.   I come from a… (Show more)
Version 2.3 of the Nimble OS adds a number of exciting new features, which together provide a consolidated platform for enterprise data storage. The Nimble Storage website has blog posts on three of main new features: all-flash service levels, encryption at rest, and a REST API.   Here we're collecting more technical posts from some of Nimble's…
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Brian MacDonald
Posting links to the NimbleOS 3 Release Notes on InfoSight.  Follow this post to get notified when updates are available.   NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS NimbleOS   For…
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