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Chance of increased snap limits?

Question asked by bubbagump on Jun 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by bubbagump

We are using replication between Nimble arrays on NImbleOS 3.7. The default Volume Collection replica count is two. Seeing that Veeam is going to manage our replicas, I thought I would be clever and set the retention on the arrays to "999". After setting a few Volume Collections to 999 the GUI started throwing this error: Error


Which leads me to believe that there are quotas under the covers I am not aware of. From some Googling I found some old 2.x articles saying there is a 10,000 snap limit which seems like what I ran into in 3.x.  A) Are there plans to raise this limit? I'd love to keep a week's worth of hourly backups across all volumes. Let's say 100 volumes x 168 snaps =  ~17000 snaps. C) It appears the per volume collection limit is a hard set 150 snaps. Can this be changed or will it be increased in future releases? An hourly snap for a week is at least 168. An every 15 minute snap (hooray super low RPO requirements ) for a week puts us at 672 snaps. 


Sure feels like 100k snap limit and 1000/volume collection is something to shoot for if not already on the roadmap.