Connecting Nimble Storage to Cisco UCS

Discussion created by mmclaughlin Employee on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Rick van Vliet

The Nimble Storage array can be connected directly to the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect (FI) using 10G cabling.

The array is configured as a UCS Appliance Port.


In a dual FI (A/B) configuration, you need to configure separate VLANs - one for each FI. For example, VLAN iSCSI-A for FI-A and VLAN iSCSI-B for FI-B.

This results in configuring the Nimble Storage NICs into a dual subnet mode of operation. For proper failover management, it is recommended to connect array 10G NIC TG1 to FI-A and TG2 to FI-B.