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We are using replication between Nimble arrays on NImbleOS 3.7. The default Volume Collection replica count is two. Seeing that Veeam is going to manage our replicas, I thought I would be clever and set the retention on the arrays to "999". After setting a few Volume Collections to 999 the GUI started throwing this error:    Which leads

Nathan Gooding
In the new software I cannot see the size of a volume snapshot like in previous versions.  Am I missing something in the location of this information or has this information been removed in the new version.  Doesn't make much sense to not be able to see the size of your snapshots.
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Justin Rich
jrich523/NimblePowerShell · GitHub Built and tested in Version 3 (v2 compatibility will be validated but it should be fine)   Install Run the following line in PowerShell iex (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')   Load In powershell load the
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Brian MacDonald
The Nimble Storage® Secondary Flash Array (SFA) represents a new category of data storage that is optimized for both capacity and performance. The SFA adds high-performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized architecture for a unique backup platform that lets you put your backup data to work. The Nimble Storage SFA is engineered for