Status Levels and Points on NimbleConnect

    Your status level or rank on NimbleConnect is determined by the points you earn for scenarios that you complete on our community.


    Here is the list of NimbleConnect status levels:


    StatusPoint RangeImage
    Guide10,000 +09-guide.gif
    Ranger5000 - 999908-ranger.gif
    Pioneer3000 - 499907-pioneer.gif
    Navigator2000 - 299906-navigator.gif
    Tracker1000 - 199905-tracker.gif
    Scout500 - 99904-scout.gif
    Adventurer100 - 49903-adventurer.gif
    Wayfarer25 - 9902-wayfarer.gif
    Newbie0 - 2401 newbie.gif


    Here is the list of NimbleConnect scenarios and their point value:


    ScenarioPoints Earned
    Have your reply marked as a decision10
    Post a correct answer to a question10
    Create a blog post5
    Create a custom stream5
    Create a discussion5
    Create a document5
    Create a poll5
    Create a social group5
    Get someone to join the community5
    Install and app5
    Mark something as a decision5
    Mark something as final5
    Post a helpful response5
    Upload a video3
    Post a status update2
    Comment on any content1
    Complete a task in a project1
    Follow another user1
    Have someone follow you1
    Have someone like something you posted1
    Have someone like your status update1
    Reply to a discussion1