Nimble Storage Firewall Rules

    If your organization restricts outbound internet traffic you may need to configure rules which allow the Nimble Storage SAN (Management IP address and Controller A & B diagnostic IP addresses) to communicate with Nimble Storage servers on specific ports.


    The Nimble Storage SAN requires the following firewall rules:


    AutoSupport and Heartbeatnsdiag.nimblestorage.comTCP 443HTTPS
    Software Updates and Downloadsupdate.nimblestorage.comTCP 443HTTPS
    Alertsnsalerts.nimblestorage.comTCP 443HTTPS
    Streaming Stats & VMVision Per-VM Alertsnsstats.nimblestorage.comTCP 443HTTPS
    InfoSightinfosight.nimblestorage.comTCP 443HTTPS
    Manual SCP of cores to Nimble Storage Supportsupport.nimblestorage.comTCP 22SCP
    Nimble Storage Support Secure Tunnel Connection

    TCP 2222


    Note: It is recommended to use the fully qualified domain name (ex. rather than IPs, as IPs may change without notice.