Nimble OS 2.1 – A Detailed Exploration

    Nimble Storage has again updated its operating system, this time to version 2.1, and it's packed with useful new capabilities. To get you up to speed as quickly as possible, some of Nimble's top Systems Engineers have collaborated on a series of blog posts, which we'll post over the course of the next two weeks.

    We'll list them all here, with links to each post as they're available.



    Post #TitleAuthorLink


    Overview: What’s New in NimbleOS 2.1David RisleyLink
    2Simplified iSCSI Networking ConfigurationsPhil DaviesLink
    3Introducing the NEW VMware PluginRich FentonLink
    4VMware Plugin - Detailed Workflows (With Video Demos)Rich FentonLink
    5RAID-3P - Nimble's New Triple Parity RAID ImplementationNick DyerLink
    6Self-Generating WebUI CertificatesRich FentonLink
    7VLAN Tagging SupportBill BorsariLink
    8Role-Based Access ControlDmitriy SandlerLink
    9Volume Move Between Pools Within Scale-Out GroupsEzat DayehLink
    10VAAI Thin Provision Stun / Volume Online-Non WritableWalter Van HoolstLink
    11Exchange Log Truncation / VerificationJason Monger