Perl Script: Mapping Volumes to Initiator Group

    Attached is a quick perl script that will list all the unique Initiator Groups and their associated mapped volumes;


    Sample output is:


    perl ./


    Getting list of volumes on

    Getting list of Mapped Initiator Groups........................

    Initator Group => Volumes Mapped


    bckexec =>

    srv2 => :srv2

    exc1 => :exc1-jetstress-db:exc1-jetstress-logs:exc1-logs

    sql1 => :sql1-db

    srv1 => :srv1

    fs1 => :fs1-vol1

    bus-nl => :bus-nl-backup:exc1-db

    bus-veeam => :bus-veeam-backup

    dc1 => :dc1

    esx => :esx-ds1:esx-ds2:esx-ds3:esx-ds4:esx-ds5-view-Win7-template:esx-ds6-view-Win7-LinkedClone

    bus-cv => :bus-cv:sql1-logs

    centos => :centos:centos-iotest-sd

    I also posted a Community post on how to setup SSH keys with Nimble OS so scripts can execute without prompting for a password: