Script for changing performance policy of a volume

    This script is subject to the terms of Nimble Connect:



    This will change the perf policy for a given volume on a nimble array

    Some of the paramiko code came from:



    Program flow:

    Validate the required modules

    Verify the volume and perf policy exists

    Change the policy





    Python 2.6

    paramiko module

    Nimble 1.4.6






    If using paramiko for the SSH session, adjust the array password (ARRAY_PASSWORD) below.  If another method of

    authentication is requried adjust the script as needed.



    ./ -p <array name or IP> -v <name of the volume to change> -n <performance policy to use>



    The idea is this is called before an event like a backup.  The policy must already exist on the array and

    the same requirements for changing the performance polices apply.  Prior to the backup the policy is set

    to one with no caching, after the backup the tool is used again to restore the volume to the original policy.




    This script has received minimal testing on RedHat Linux 6.3 against a Nimble array running 1.4.6




    Bill Borsari June 2013