Set VMware RoundRobin PSP through PowerCLI

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This script will create the rule for Nimble volumes to use the RoundRobin PSP policy and set the policy on any existing  Nimble volumes. The script will take an argument of the vCenter server or the ESX host. If it is not provided it will prompt for the host. It will then connect to the vCenter server and get the list of VM hosts. As it connects to each of the hosts it will set the RoundRobin PSP rule and then apply the policy to any of the existing Nimble volumes.


This is a much easier process than enabling SSH on every VM host and copying and pasting the code from the VMware integration guide.


For ESX 4.x hosts this script will need to be run directly against each host rather than the vCenter server.


Here is an example of the script output:

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 8.42.21 AM.png


EDIT: Fixed a typo that was keeping the script from setting the vCenter server variable.

EDIT 2: Changed to use IOPS=0 as the path change settings.

EDIT 3: Fixed support for ESX 5.0 hosts

EDIT 4: Updated to support ESX 4.x and direct connections to an ESX host. EsxCli sessions for 4.x hosts cannot be initiated from the vCenter server so this script will have to be initiated directly to each ESX host.