Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who can participate in the community?

The Community is for Nimble Storage customers, prospects, partners, employees.

Is the content in the Community public or private?

Content in this space (Community 101) is PUBLIC, as is content in the following spaces: Setup & Networking, App Integration, Performance and Data Protection InfoSight Insights and NimbleConnect Live!.

You may also be a member of additional spaces, some of which may be private; for instance, there are private spaces open to Nimble Storage employees and partners.

Are Groups public or private?

Community groups focused on a specific place (such as Germany, Chicago or Minneapolis) are PUBLIC groups, open to anyone wishing to join. To create a private group, please contact the Community administrator at 

Who should I contact with questions or suggestions about the Community?

Please email 

Is it possible to identify content as a "favorite" for easy recall?

Yes, just bookmark the content, using the "bookmark" option in the top-right corner.

Can I "group" streams of activity to read them in batches?

Yes, on your homepage, click the + button next to "Following" to create a new Activity Stream. 

How do status levels (ranks) and points work on our community

Status levels (ranks) are earned by completing scenarios on our community.  Please review Status Levels and Points for more details.


How do tags work?

A tag is a label that helps you find and organize content. You can add tags at the bottom of the page when creating or editing any content (discussion, question, document, etc.). You can either use existing tags (which will automatically appear as you start typing), or add any word as a new tag. Tags are automatically converted to lowercase, and must be a single word (or two words separated by a hyphen or underscore).

Where should I contribute a script I wrote?

In general, content should be placed in one of the four main spaces (Setup & Networking, App Integration, Protections and Data Protection, and InfoSight Insights) according to how relevant it is to other content in that space.

What should I do if I find content that I believe is inappropriate or offensive?

Please click on the "Flag Content" button, which will remove the content from the Community until it's been reviewed by a moderator.


Is there a Nimble Storage Community app for iPhone / Android?

There is a Jive app, but it doesn't always maintain the proper "theme" settings for the Nimble Storage user interface. You can download it for iOS or Android.

Or, just go to the community home page ( from your phone or tablet's browser, then bookmark that page and save its icon to your home screen. The Community platform automatically recognizes that you're using a mobile device and formats accordingly.


What is the connection between InfoSight and NimbleConnect?

InfoSight is Nimble Storage's new deep data analytics service. InfoSight’s centralized data collection engine collects comprehensive system data spanning various characteristics including performance, capacity, data protection and system health. Data is collected at frequent, five-minute intervals, resulting in a rich and deep set of data, totaling 30 million plus sensors per array, per day. The data is analyzed on a continuous basis by a sophisticated engine that delivers powerful support, monitoring, reporting, forecasting and planning capabilities.


This site, NimbleConnect, is an online community where Nimble Storage customers, partners, and other IT professionals can access technical information, practical suggestions, and peer insights. InfoSight is one of the main subjects of discussion on NimbleConnect, as Nimble Storage customers help each other better understand and optimize the performance of their storage systems. Contributions are welcome, and the community is actively moderated to help keep the conversation flowing in a useful and thoughtful way.