• Mounting snapshots to Linux for Restore Procedures

    Newbie to the forum and to Nimble. Mid-level Linux admin. I've searched the infosight for documentation but haven't found what I need. If I'm missing something, please kindly inform me where to look.   Situation...
    Benjamin Prest
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  • zero copy clone only 1 VM on a cs300

    is there a way to clone or snapshot only 1 vm using the zero copy clone functionality versus the volume on a cs300?
    Julian Mata
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  • Unable to get snapshots in REST api

    I have copied the powershell from the nimble examples. Everything is working, except snapshots. See error in the output at the bottom. [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::ServerCertificateValidationCallback = {$tr...
    Dustin Ryan
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  • HyperV Cluster - Volume Snapshot Error - SOAP API error 1033

    Hello,   I am trying to get Veeam configured on our HyperV 2012 R2 cluster to use the Nimble hardware VSS provider on the hosts. The VSS hardware provider is being called, but then get a Windows system event er...
    Richard Broadfield
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  • [Theorycrafting: VMware + Nimble] Ignoring data management concerns, what are the technical ramifications of 40 very specific-purpose volumes vs 8 more general volumes?

    For example, does 40 volumes have a noticeable impact on multipath I/O failover vs 6 volumes?  (40 initiators hitting the iSCSI target all at once vs 8 initiators) Does a 4 TB volume with high activity during...
    Bear Golightly
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  • Postman and Nimble REST API

    I've wrote few blogs on Nimble Connect in the last few months talking about PowerShell and PowerCLI and how to leverage Nimble Storage REST API (see details in the end). I often get questions such "where/how do I sta...
    Moshe Blumberg
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  • Change Existing Volume Collection with Snapshots Replication Partner

    Hello Storage Peoples,   I have two 460s replicating to each other,  that I plan to pool together and use opposite a new CS 5000 we just got.   I want to change the volume collection replications fro...
    Scottie Cameron
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  • Snapshot number best practice

    Hello. I have a customer that has a wacky snapshot and snapshot retention policy. My question is the amount of space used by both snapshots and actual volume usage. Looking at the graphs on the home page this is what ...
    Tim Shipp
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  • is it possible to store snapshots from an allflash array to an old adaptive flash array?  If so is there a guide I could use?

    I just finished migrating all my data (xenserver virtual desktops) from a 5 year old cs210 to a new AF1000 array.  I want to use the old cs210 to store my snapshot data from the af1000 for backup purposes of our ...
    Rodney Garner
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  • iSCSI connection errors during Nimble VSS snapshots

    Hi All,   I was wondering if anyone has came across the following and had any suggestions.   We have an Exchange environment which we are snapshotting using VSS, the servers have 33 disks and when the VSS ...
    Jon P
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  • How to use snapshot clone with Hyper-V?

    Hello Nimble Community,   We have a cluster of Hyper-V working with two servers on 2012 R2 and a Nimble Storage CS300. When we make a clone of a snapshot and we connect the new clone volume on the cluster with ...
    Rudy MARON
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  • How to restore/clone a vm from vvol?

    I am playing around with VVols and really like them so far. Too bad the max volume limit on Nimbles is so low since it will only allow me to get about half our VMs on to vvols.   I was looking at snapshots and s...
    Cade Robinson
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  • The “Power” of PowerShell cmdlets in Nimble Windows Toolkit 4.0

    A core strength of Nimble storage is the simplicity of management. Another strength is the ability to quickly create space efficient copies of volumes (clones). While the creation of clones has always been super simpl...
    Anagha Barve
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  • Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Now Available!

    Nimble Storage congratulates Veeam on the General Availability of the Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 today!   Nimble and Veeam have over a thousand shared customers using the Nimble Storage Solution for Veeam ...
    Michael Harding
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  • Wiederherstellen einer VM aus einem Snapshot (VMware)

    Nimble Storage hat die effizientesten Snapshots der Industrie. Mit NimbleOS 3.X supporten wir jetzt schon 150.000 Snapshots. Ein Snapshot ist sicher kein Ersatz für ein Backup, bietet aber die Möglichkeit ...
    Pierre Flammer
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  • Cloned SQL volumes from snapshots are write protected, how to make it writable?

    I tried to clone SQL volumes from snapshots but when I mount them on the server, I can't write to them and it says they are write protected. All the other cloned volumes like file servers don't have this problem. Anyo...
    Jason Liu
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  • Vmware 6.5 and VVOL managed snapshot protection

    Hello, We been running for some time nimble arrays without any issues and with overall success using standard datastores. we got two FC nimble arrays with datastore snapshots policy and replication policy between b...
    Arik G
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  • Snapshots and Hyper-v Cluster VSS Writer

    Nimble now has synchronization for Exchange and SQL using Microsoft VSS writer to do volume collection snapshots. Will there be one for Hyper-V VSS writer? or it's not needed just snapshoting the volumes without using...
    Jason Liu
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  • Nimble OS 2.3 - Restore Workflow Automation for Snapshots

    If you are using Nimble Storage with Windows servers, chances are you have the Nimble Windows Toolkit installed. It’s an integral part of connecting Nimble volumes to your Windows server including components suc...
    Julian Cates
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  • vCenter Snapshots freeze MS-SQL server

    We're battling an issue with a virtual SQL server and vCenter sync'd snapshots.  We're not having snapshot failures, but the snap is causing just a bit of disruption so that some of our apps are timing out with V...
    Adam Bond
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