David Ruddle

NimbleOS 3.1 - Microsoft Active Directory Setup

Blog Post created by David Ruddle Employee on Mar 21, 2016

Hi everyone,


So last week I set about configuring my CS400 array that runs NimbleOS 3.1.x to integrate with my AD server, and allow AD user login to the array.  I am by no means an AD expert, but I documented the process...


Log into the NimbleOS 3.1 Web GUI.  Go to the Administration drop down and select Security, then Microsoft Active Directory.  Fill in AD server details, account credentials and system name.




You will see the following message.


And you should be joined to the domain.




On the AD server, create a group called “Nimble” (you can choose any group name, to separate users and the different roles you could have NimbleAdmin, NimblePower, NimbleRO, etc.)



Add your user and the group “Domain Users” to the group you just created.



On the Nimble, go to Administration, Security, Users and Groups.  Create a group of the same name called Nimble and give it administrator rights.



Log out of the Web GUI and then log back in as your domain user (in my case RUDDLE\dave).

Thats it !!!